Lukion teemaopintokurssi DesignEDly opettaa tulevaisuuden taitoja

DesignEDly -kurssilla opitaan, innostutaan ja ratkaistaan oikean elämän ongelmia


Lukion teemaopintokurssi DesinEDly-innovaatioajattelua ja hackathonia on upea kurssikokonaisuus. Opiskelijat tutustuvat desing-ajatteluun ja ratkaisevat oikean elämän ongelmia järjestöissä ja yrityksissä. Kurssin liittyy hckathon-tapahtuma, jossa omaa ongelmanratkaisua hiotaan asiantuntijoiden avulla ja harjoitellaan hyvän pitchauksen koostamista sekä esiintymistä. 


Linkki Linko hackathon-tapahtuman pitchauksiin


Ohessa opiskelija Sarah Hadayan essee kurssista.


Designedly essay


In this essay I’m reflecting on my experiences during the entrepreneurship and innovation course. At first I wasn’t quite sure should I attend the course, but eventually I decided to try it out with an openmind. I had no idea what it was going to be like, however I knew that I didn’t have anything to lose.


Overall, the experience was stressful and on the other hand rewarding. My team and I worked for Helsingin Sanomat, which gave me a different sense of responsibility than school has given. It made it all seem really serious. I really liked the fact that they reached out to the youth for help. This made me feel like they appreciated our opinions and perspectives. Our mentor was Pauliina and she used to work for HS. We met Pauliina once at the beginning and she helped us sort out our thoughts. Out of all the challenges I chose the challenge HS gave us, because it was the most appealing to me. I'm personally interested in journalism so it taught me a lot, and gave me a chance to improve my teamwork skills while working and solving a real life problem. I think it was very useful to work as a team on this project, mostly because it gave me so many new perspectives and opinions on things. Working as a team was also a good idea because it relieved a lot of the pressure. Everyone did their own share and helped each other which was great. I also liked the fact that everyone in my team worked hard and participated so all the responsibility didn’t fall to me. There was something for everyone. All of us had each other's backs and this was extremely encouraging.


The Hackathon experience taught me a lot. From what I saw, it seems to me that Hackathons are great ways to use as learning tools. Coming into a Hackathon everyone learns something new. You learn about your own strengths. People come up with a solution to a problem and built something with people whom they’ve never met before. It improved my group skills and I learnt about working under pressure. I was able to use the skills I’ve learned in school and apply them. I was really impressed and frankly, a little surprised by the fact that everyone was so into their works but at the same time people were always willing to help others. It was amazing to see the creations my peers and other people had come up within 48 hours. I liked the Linko Hackathon because the energy was so high. I might join a Hackathon in the future just to see how it feels to work with people I’ve never met before, because I had met the girls from my team before. The workshops helped our team a lot. At first our idea was pretty abstract but after visiting the workshop we had gotten a more clarified picture of our idea. It helped us target it to one particular thing. For example, at the workshops we came up with the idea of creating a fake instagram account to illustrate our idea to the viewers. Unfortunately, I didn’t visit the Arctic Start-Up.


The pitch and the discussion of our idea didn’t change my idea of our solution. On the other hand, it made me think of the fact that it must be hard for old-school journalists to give up on the traditional paper and move on to social media. I still think our idea is good, it just gave me a new perspective on things. Truthfully, it was also shocking to find out that the average age of people who read HS are relatively older than 50 years old. If HS would like to proceed with our idea, I’d be more than ready to help them with this and make it perfect with them.


From my point of view, to improve the course in the future it would be important to have more challenges that touch us: the youth. The challenges I’d like to work on are the things that come close to my life and the people around me. Challenges that have something to do with schools and teaching would be interesting. If possible the classes could be held on other days of the week. Otherwise, I think the course was well planned and organised. I'm really happy that I decided to take a part of the course, because it taught me a lot. Our group won the Designedly pitch, which felt rewarding after all the hard work we had done. The Hackathon was great because I got to see how important it is to network and have a good work ethic. Overall the course has taught me to be more spontaneous, persistent and it has helped me to believe in my own ability. In particular, the Hackathon taught me to work with people whose opinions differ from mine. These are some of the skills I will be applying in the future. Thank you for the course!